Yeayyyyyy Giveaway By Fatnaaaaa

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Hey hey there! Assalamualaikum semua :) Jom semua join this awesome giveaway by Sis Fatnaaa..

1. Follow blog fatnaaaaa and Rosie126_
2. Like fanpage:

3. Follow my instagram: @fatnaaaaa and my online shop: @Rosie126_
4. Buat entry tajuk "Yeayyyyyy Giveaway By Fatnaaaaa", give one question for me to be answered and make any catchy description for my online shop, letak banner and link kan semula dekat blog ini ye. Tag 3 orang dan pastikan dia tahu, pastikan.
5. Tinggalkan link korang dekat bahagian comment below yeay yeay yeay.


1. Tribal top + Handmade charm bracelet + Topup RM5 + Bloglist + Review
2. Tribal top + Handmade charm bracelet + Topup RM5 + Bloglist + Review
3. Travel telekung + Topup RM5 + Bloglist + Review
4. Cute stuff { Ribbon sock + Sleeping mask } Bloglist + Review
5. Cute stuff { Ribbon sock + Sleeping mask } Bloglist + Review
6. Custom Made Phone Sticker
7. Black stylish shades

3 winners will be selected randomly to win a doorgift. YEAYYYY

Pemenang akan dipilih berdasarkan "catchy description for my online shop", besides, the best catchy name will be use for my online shop trademark! Thank you thank you thank you.

Hope you guys will be helping me find some catchy trademark, cause im out of idea capacity :(

Anyway this giveaway berlangsung thru instagram too!

Orait actually Diya tak pasti task yang sis Fatnaa kasi,untuk Dear Rosebud or Rosie126_
So,Diya buat description for both :) 

Rosie126_ :

Stay Trendy.Moves one inch forward

Dear Rosebud :

Blossom Your Style

Yang ni sesuai  untuk both :)

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