Review : Ronasutra Kabuki Brush (Say no more to powder puff!)

Hello and Salam Syawal everyone! I'm sure many of you are still in raya mood and still on the mood in getting your makeup on point, clean as clear as water, beautiful face and many more.So the reason why I wrote up this post is because i was asked by a lot of girls on how did I get my smooth and clear skin.

Well, I tell you. I dont have a clear skin. Not even close but what i did during raya was all about makeup trick and application.


Well, secret no more.Here, I  introduce to all of RONASUTRA KABUKI BRUSH

The major reason why I chose Kabuki brush from Ronasutra was because I was so captivated by the label on the cover "Kabuki Foundation Brush for Sensitive Skin". If you've been following my blog, you would probably know that i've been struggling with sensitive skin, pimples, acne marks and whitehead. I read many articles saying that it is not good to put on makeup when your skin wasn't really in good condition. But Ronasutra has proved it wrong.

This is my skin. Redness, some acne spots , uneven skin tone and many more. But I was wondering that there must be a solution on how to cover all my skin problems. I don't really prefer using BB cream, CC cream and etc when my skin was having pimples/acne because i'm scared it will worsen my skin. I more prefer using just compact powder for a natural look.

When i first purchased this kabuki Brush,  I was so amazed by the softness and smoothness of its fine brush. Made up with high quality Kabuki brush, this tools would be your best choice if you're searching for a soft and smooth brush.

I planned to purchase Ronasutra 2-in-1 Mineral Foundation & Powder, but since I was kind off in short money, so I decided to hold on to my dream first, until I got enough penny :(  So i used my old compact powder in this review from other brand.

Here are the instructions from Ronasutra website on how to use it :

How to use: Open the cap and pull the brush casing half-way down to reveal only a quarter of the brush. Dip the brush into powder and dab all over face. Then, pull the brush casing all the way down to reveal the whole brush length, and blend the powders on skin using circular motion. Repeat these steps to get more coverage.

Look how the brush 'attract' the powder. It worked like a MAGNET! I feel like there was a magnetized property that made this brush attract much of the powder. Just a few strokes and you can dab the brush on your whole face.

Apart from that, I like how the handle of the brush eases my work. Its smooth and fine brushes made this Kabuki Brush 'roll on' smoothly on your skin with a well-blended powder.

TARA!! That's the result,It looked very natural right? It looks like I did nothing on my face but I was just bornt with a clear skin like that :P 

I am totally loved how this brush made your skin looked even SMOOTHER and NATURAL like you're not even wearing any makeup.


Next,I wanted to show you the comparison between Kabuki Brush and powder puff.As you could see, the powder puff doesn't attract much of the powder compared to the brush. Only half of the puff was filled with powder and the other half was kept clean for our finger to touch,

When you're using powder puff, one thing you need to be expert with is to make the powder is evenly dabbed on your skin. If you're not being abled to control it, then you'll see a lot of patches due to the uneven powder dabbing.

Aha i told you. It is hard to control the thickness of the powder on the whole area of your face. As you could see, the powder was uneven making some of the area of my face less fair than the other.It is obvious right, the WINNER for the most powerful blending tools would go to Ronasutra Kabuki Brush!

Overall I super duper in love with this Kabuki Brush. It works very well with my sensitive skin and didn't irritate nor causing breakouts !! Extra point for that because most of the brushes I has used just caused breakouts and irritating my sensitive skin. With its reasonable price that could be pwned by every girl, this Ronasutra Kabuki Brush would make definitely make you fall on love.

I'll leave the link down below if you're interested to purchase from their website/ agent.

RATE : 5/5
Repurchase ? : YESSSS


Review : Simple Micellar Water

Hi guys and good day everyone! I'm so happy to review this newly-arrived product to Malaysia. This micellar water wasn't at Malaysia but it just came in here couple of months ago. When I saw this at the drugstore, my eyes couldn't resist the goodness of it as it stated that they are No 1 brand in UK. Their tagline 'kind to skin' really captivated me as I'm sure it will works gently on my sensitive skin.

Look at the ingredient. No alcohol, paraben and all those bad stuffs in here.

Let me show you my experiment. Firstly I drew an eyeliner shape on my hand using Maybelline Hyper Sharp eyeliner ( Color code : Black)

Then I put ONE DROP of the micellar water.  I repeat, ONE DROP onto the drawing mark.

Since I did not have cotton pad on my hand at the moment, I put a facial tissue, folded it into square and wipe it off. With a few stroke, and BAM. all those marks were gone!

Totally clean i tell you. But you just gotta have a few stroke to ensure all of the stains diminished!

Rate : 4/5
Repurchase : Maybe yes maybe no. Because i've been into micellar water lately over makeup remover and I shall try other brands as well to find the perfect one for me.

Review :Bellezza Miracle Powder

Hello lovelies. I'm back with my review and for this lovely day, I would like to review one of the local brands cosmetic, BELLEZZA. I heard Bellezza from my colleague since they've been consuming their beauty sachet drinks collection and I just knew that Bellezza also produced cosmetic!

So I decided to give a try on their miracle powder since I've read many good reviews about it. It is loose powder actually that you would have put on lastly after you've applied foundation, primer, bb cream and etc. 

If you could see on their ingredient lists, you'll noticed that one of the items used was castor oil! Did you know how good castor oil is?! 

Detoxification :According to North Carolina State University, castor oil is detoxifying and helps to break up oils on the face that clog glands and pores. Organic Facts reports that castor oil contains a compound called undercylenic acid, which can help to disinfect the skin and even kill bacteria that cause skin conditions such as acne. Detoxification can be easily done by rubbing the oil into the skin each night and then washing off the excess.

Moisturize :According to Organic Facts, castor oil can be very moisturizing and can even soften dry skin and rough age spots. According to Palomar Community College, it is an excellent skin emollient and even helps with skin conditions like dermatitis, which can cause severely rough, dry skin. Using castor oil on a nightly basis can be especially helpful in the winter months when skin is at its driest.

Cleansing :According to North Carolina State University, castor oil can also help to cleanse the skin of dead skin cells that are clogging the sebaceous glands. Rubbing castor oil on your face helps to pull out impurities in the pores. This can help to decrease breakouts on the skin that are often caused by these clogged glands. For this method, massage castor oil into the skin and then wash it off with warm, soapy water.
Let's take a closer look on the color that I've chosen. I chose Natural Barbie for a more natural look that could blend in with my skin tone. Nice color right? :)

TARA! This is before and after picture of my skin after applying this Miracle Powder. You could see the coverage it did as it could cover mt pimples and pore!! More interestingly is because I DID'NT APPLIED ANY FOUNDATION/ BB CREAM/CC CREAM/ PRIMER. 100% THE MIRACLE POWDER!!  Very miracle and worked!! I love its natural color that could goes very well with my skin tone.

Overall, I totally recommend this powder for those who are in search of affordable yet effective powder. Support our local products girls!

Rate : 4/5
 Price ; RM69 Semenanjung  | RM70 for west

More info , check on Bellezza Essential Facebook !!

Review : Pantene Shampoo Hair Fall Control + 3 MInute Miracle Conditioner

Hello everyone. Welcome back to my page. For today, I'll be reviewing about my  hair care products. I rarely concern much about my hair care products since I don't really have hair problem. The only problem I've been dealing is a HAIR FALL! I always get annoyed back then every time I sweep the floor, I could see my hair here, there and EVERYWHERE! It just too annoying. 

Early of 2016, my problem solved! I've been using Pantene Shampoo since early of January until now and I am very satisfied. I could see less and lesser my hair falls day by day. It's like doing a treatment as I could major changes on my hair condition everyday.

I shampoo my hair once every two days. It is not a good idea to add chemicals on your hair sculpt everyday. Just look at the whitish structure of the shampoo. As gentle as the structure, that's how the shampoo would react, It is gentle and won't have abrasive affect on your hair. 

I am a must-put-on-conditioner person. If I skip conditioner, then my hair would be crazily dry.I find my hair is super flowy, soft and light upon using this conditioner!

It is a true miracle. After 3 minutes of using it, my hair would be super soft and its fast-absorbing property of this conditioner really makes me happy. 

SOO what are you waiting for? Make sure to grab these two in combo because you really need to use these together for a maximum effect.

Overall rating for both products : 4/5
Repurchase : YESSSS
That's all for today,ya later!

Riang Ria Raya with Lazada Malaysia

To open a YouTube is a must for me everyday, It's a source of entertainment , education and lifestyle inspiration there. So I'll stream for videos everyday at Youtube. 





If you noticed lately wherever you're on any web pages, you'll notice a beautiful purple like this ;

You can't help but seeing the beautiful banner makes you captivate to join the extravagant MEGA sales. 

Apart from the tantalizing sales, Lazada also organized a contest with the blogger. The task is to share our wishlist with a budget of RM500 for our 4-pax family, 

But before that, let me introduce you with my family 

And what are on our mind with the budget of RM500 to shop with Lazada Riang Ria Raya Sales?

First , for our big boss in the house : PAPA

Since Papa has a lot of shoes, I would think to get him a portable shoe rack. With Riang Ria Raya Sales with Lazada, this shoe rack goes from RM169 yo Rm37.80 !!!!! Which furniture store would give you such a big discount? 

It is important for Papa to always keep up with his health condition as well. So I was thinking to give him a electronic blood pressure monitor. Not only it is easy to be carried on anywhere, but this electronic device will ease papa as well as he doesn't need to meet doctor just to test for his pressure. Everything is available at home.

Next, for my queen of heart ; MAMA

Mama works as a teacher. Most of her movement required the strength of her feet to move from one class to another. Thus, she developed calluses , hard skin on her foot. When i read reviews, many people gave a good reviews about this product. I would gladly become mama's personal spa assistant to buff all the hard skin away so that her foot will stay smooth and clean.

If you have a look at any drugstores or pharmacies, the price of this product would be RM100++  but at Lazada, you'll save up to 20%.

Since Raya is approaching soon, mama surely will cook rendang for us. To cook this delicious Malay dish, you gotta need a spacious wok for more than 10 servings. Hence, Tefal Special Wok with Glass Lid would be the best wishlist for my mama during Hari Raya.

Next is for my one and only BROTHER

He has one hobby which is quite rare for a guy hahaha. He likes baking. Yup no jokes. He likes baking cakes, cookies and for this upcoming raya, he did promised us to make Raya cookies. So why not I'll have him a portable baking hand mixer with detachable stainless steel bowl. 2 items for 1 price. HOW COOL IS THAT?! You'll save 69% and it's only less than RM50.

Since my brother already owned a car and he is such a messy guy. It's my pleasure to give him a car vacuum. Best to carry, best to vacuum and most importantly , best price. 

Last but not least, for the writer. ME

I'm still new in learning makeup and when I knew that Lazada offered Surprise Box that consists of many well-known brands such as Maybelline and Loreal . I though of why not of having it as my wishlist as this is my first ever makeup set and I would be the happiest person if i own this set.

It consists of every makeup tools that everyone should have with a super duper low price!!

SEE! With a bidget of RM500, I could satisfy all my family members with their needs. It's like with Rm500 and the sales by Lazada, I could fill my entire house with the necessary needs. 

With discounts up to 92%, Lazada is the online platform to shop this Raya. Where else you could get this majestic offers and deals? Only at Lazada.

What are you waiting for? Save your penny and click on the banner below to join the world of sales and together we celebrate this Raya joyously !

#ootd : 6 Ways To Style Your Striped Blouse

Hi guys! Welcome back to my entry. Many of my friends including my followers kept on saying that it's quite hard to have variety of style to rock your striped blouse. And most of us always thought that BLOUSE is only for formal event due to its cutting and pattern. 

But for today, I will share with you 6 ways how I always style my striped blouse for both CASUAL and FORMAL event. For this entry, I will be featuring black and white striped blouse from Zalora! Obviously Zalora offer wide ranges of clothing to be chosen and you can sort accordingly based on your preferences like budget price, color and sizes. I bought this blouse several months ago and I have no complaints to be made because so far, all items I bought from Zalora were all in excellent condition. 

1. Casual : Cardigan-like 

Having on outerwear is a must-try-on style. The soft and cool material of this blouse making it very comfortable to be wore in a weather like in Malaysia. Choose the soft yet high quality material of the blouse if you want to use your blouse as an outerwear. 

  • Wear a lighter color of the stripes as your inner. For example, as you could see, I chose white color over black as my inner cloth so that it will accentuate your overall look. Don't choose black as it will overshadow your entire look.
  • Tuck in the inner cloth so that it'll give a natty yet clean style

Like i said earlier, choose a lighter color to accentuate your overall look. Choose a lighter color of handbag to give a contrast to your look.

For a sassy look, give yourself a pair of black heels or any black sandals/flats you're comfortable with,


For a formal look, make sure to find a blouse that is not too fit and not loose because you wanna look neat. 

  • Always wear a black pump heels for this style as it will give an overall formal look.

What to pair with?


This is my favorite style. Looking vogue is an ultimate goal if you're attending formal event like to work, interview and etc. I tucked in this blouse but not too fit because that will makes you feel uncomfortable. Tuck in your blouse and adjust it so that it will make your front comfortable. You surely don't want to be called 'moving corset' right :p

As you could see, i paired this look with a black clutch because it is a formal event. Better to use clutch rather than a handbag from my opinion.


This is my go-to style whenever I wanted to look casual and vague. Unbutton your front buttons will definitely change your look from formal to casual. 


  • I always unbutton until not more than my belly height. Leave some area buttoned before you tuck in your blouse.
What to pair with?
Choose a white handbag with handle and black heels to complete your casual look.


Similar with the previous style, but this one give you an extra daring look because of the knot. Tie your knot until your waist level and you're ready to go, Make sure to wear a fit pants to give a neat look. 


This is a total lazy style but with extra effort. Wear your inner cloth and let your blouse out. Only button half of your blouse and let the upper area left unbuttoned.  This is a go-to style for attending a relaxing event but it still a pretty style :)

SO that's all my sharing for today. I hope you enjoyed. If you want to shop for more options, you can check it out from Zalora by clicking the image below. Till next time :)