Havaianas Summer Kit

Photo: Are you our Cinderella? The Butterfly Project and Havaianas Malaysia is kicking off a Cinderella Hunt with a fun blogging activity! All you need to do to win your very own limited edition Havaianas Summer Kit which comes with a premium artist flip flop along with a matching towel is:

1. Blog about the Havaianas Summer Kit
2. Tell us in your blog why you want it!
3. Mention your shoe size so we know if the shoe fits :)

To join this giveaway click here http://tinyurl.com/q6f9zhp or on our giveaway tab. Ends on 6th April, 2014.

P.S There's only 20 pairs in Malaysia and they're not for sale! This is what we call "Ferrari" of flip flops.

Hey hey there! It's summer time! Hello beach and warmth =) Do you ever feel how precious summer is?
Well summer is priceless season that everyone have to appreciate and enjoyed all day out.


Are you already have your own grand flip flop to be wore and celebrate during this wonderful summer? If not. Then you should be on the cloud nine because The Butterfly Project & Havaianas Malaysia is giving away two limited edition Havaianas Summer Kit. No no no.You are not dreaming ladies. Slap your checks right now because two lucky princesses can own these flip flops by participating their giveaway.


Havaianas the Brazilian flip flop company is a cult with the Brazilians’ joyful colourful lifestyle, that’s  seductive, inspirational, and very empathic to the imagery. It’s said that Flip Flop’s promotes a good mental state of health. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you’re wearing flip-flops!. Flip-flops have been around since at least 1500 B.C. They have been the choice of footwear for everyone from ancient Egyptians to California beach bums.


Hold on a second because i'm pretty sure that maybe some of you doesn't know what actually the golden prizes that could be won by contestants. It is Havaianas Collectible Summer Kit! Each Summer Kit consists of a flip-flop with a pin-up girl illustration and a matching towel – truly a collector’s item!

Ermm..Who was the beauty being illustrated on the flip flop? The answer is Elvgren.

"Errr.is that cool enough to wear flip-flop during summer?"

Well then you should ask this super duper hot momma,Angelina Jolie because she loves so much wearing flip-flop whenever she goes. Look! More proofs found that many  Hollywood celebrities keen to wear flip-flop all the time,especially SUMMER!

Eva Longoria, Jennifer Anniston and Whitney Port looked incredibly awesome with their flip-flop.

Well i think it is no doubt why Havaianas Summer Kit only got 20 pairs and why they are called Ferrari of flip flops.So why am i being so overwhelmed to get mine a pair?

I want the Havaianas Summer Kit because I wanna rock my summer and walk gracefully on the beach sand  with the adorable vintage pin up illustrations on a pair of Havaianas flip flops. Instead,the matching towel is the best beach soulmate with the flip-flop than can make my 2014 summer complete and enjoyable then the previous years!

My shoes size : 7


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