Review : Simple Micellar Water

Hi guys and good day everyone! I'm so happy to review this newly-arrived product to Malaysia. This micellar water wasn't at Malaysia but it just came in here couple of months ago. When I saw this at the drugstore, my eyes couldn't resist the goodness of it as it stated that they are No 1 brand in UK. Their tagline 'kind to skin' really captivated me as I'm sure it will works gently on my sensitive skin.

Look at the ingredient. No alcohol, paraben and all those bad stuffs in here.

Let me show you my experiment. Firstly I drew an eyeliner shape on my hand using Maybelline Hyper Sharp eyeliner ( Color code : Black)

Then I put ONE DROP of the micellar water.  I repeat, ONE DROP onto the drawing mark.

Since I did not have cotton pad on my hand at the moment, I put a facial tissue, folded it into square and wipe it off. With a few stroke, and BAM. all those marks were gone!

Totally clean i tell you. But you just gotta have a few stroke to ensure all of the stains diminished!

Rate : 4/5
Repurchase : Maybe yes maybe no. Because i've been into micellar water lately over makeup remover and I shall try other brands as well to find the perfect one for me.

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