Ramadhan Ya Kareem-Pics

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Assalamualaikum W.B.T.

Hey hey there my friends! It's Ramadhan.So,right now Diya nak share dengan korang semua,my muslim and also non-muslim readers.So,what's it?

Preparing for Ramadan by Islamographic.com

3 Things to Turbocharge your Ramadan - by Islamographic.com
Full Islamographic here


Ramadan. Less Sleeping. More Seeking.
- www.lionofAllah.com

The best charity is that given in Ramadan (Tirmidhi)

- www.InviteToIslam.org/Donate -

Make Dua. It’s Ramadan the month of forgiveness. Take advantage of it

5 Ways to Control your Tongue in Ramadan and beyond… inshallah

Ramadhan,a month of forgiveness.Seize this chance and you won't regret it:)

Sources :http://islamographic.tumblr.com/
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