September B'day Giveaway 2013

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Hey hey there! Orait sekarang about 11pm.and Diya ada masa 45 minutes je nak publish this entry.Warghh freaking scared that Diya tak boleh siapkan special panda entry for sis Nisa.Wheehehe 

My wishes untuk Sis Nisa


Study elok-elok.
May Sis Nisa achieve more and more successful result in your study.
Getting older,means that our mind-thinking pun grew matured
dan more wider.


Ok ini tak da kaitan pun.
But since,dah jumpa gambar greeny -panda sweater ni,kawaii sangat.
So may sis Nisa be a 25-year-old fashionista ladies,wearing
something nice and always 귀여워(gwiyowo)=cute


Happy 25th Birthday.
May sis Nisa be a good daughter,a successful craft entrepreneur,
a nice friend and an awesome blogger!

Special Wish

Last but least,let's rock your birthday dengan these songs

Otanjoubi omedetou

otanjoubi omedetou,
otanjoubi, otanjoubi
otanjoubi omedetoud

saeng il chuk ha ham ni da

saeng il chuk ha ham ni da
sarang ha neun Nisa shi
saeng il chuk ha ham ni da

Selamat hari jadi,
Selamat Hari jadi,
Selamat Hari jadi to Nisaa,
Selamat Hari Jadii...

Allah Selamatkan kamu,
Allah selamatkan kamu,
Allah selamatkan Nisa..


And finally I found this from my Mr,google and specially greeting  untuk sis Nisaa!!

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  1. thanks so much for joining... :3
    and for the lovely wishes~.. ^_^
    winners will be announced at 5 pm today (4/9)~!!!
    Gud luck n all the best...
    kyaaaa~~~~~~!!! >w<
    so nice la entry nie dear..
    suke sgt3... thanks tau... hihi~...
    arigatou ne


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