Cara Buat Starbucks Coffee

Hey hey there.Good night everyone. Rasa macam tak berapa ada mood nak create entry panjang. So, have a look step by step via those photograph ok.Btw,video pun ada.Tapi malas nak letak takut berat blog So you guys can check it out at Youtube  =)

  1. Make Starbucks Coffee Step 1.jpg
    Turn on your coffee maker, and insert your select blend of coffee. To make it taste like Starbucks coffee, you might want to use The blends available for purchase at Starbucks franchises. These come in a variation of strengths to suit your taste.
  2. Make Starbucks Coffee Step 2.jpg
    Pour the brewed coffee into mug, the closer to a Starbucks mug the better.
  3. Make Starbucks Coffee Step 3.jpg
    Add a shot of flavoured syrup or any other additional flavour you wish to add (for example, 1/4 tsp of vanilla) to the coffee and stir.
  4. Make Starbucks Coffee Step 4.jpg
    If you like your coffee sweet, add Sugar to your coffee and stir.
  5. Make Starbucks Coffee Step 5.jpg
    Add a bit of milk (about 4 tablespoons). Stir.
  6. Make Starbucks Coffee Step 9.jpg
    Wait for it to cool a little and Enjoy!
(Credit : WikiHow)

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  1. a'a..tapi manual pun boleh =) cuma x halus mcm mesin

  2. nak beli coffee maker agar mudah nak buat kopi camni...

  3. Thumbs up for the graphics. Great effort. Its an era where people seeks style in kitchen appliances also & especially the coffee maker is considered as an element of recognition of a family. Please let me know about its discounted price.


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