#ootd : 6 Ways To Style Your Striped Blouse

Hi guys! Welcome back to my entry. Many of my friends including my followers kept on saying that it's quite hard to have variety of style to rock your striped blouse. And most of us always thought that BLOUSE is only for formal event due to its cutting and pattern. 

But for today, I will share with you 6 ways how I always style my striped blouse for both CASUAL and FORMAL event. For this entry, I will be featuring black and white striped blouse from Zalora! Obviously Zalora offer wide ranges of clothing to be chosen and you can sort accordingly based on your preferences like budget price, color and sizes. I bought this blouse several months ago and I have no complaints to be made because so far, all items I bought from Zalora were all in excellent condition. 

1. Casual : Cardigan-like 

Having on outerwear is a must-try-on style. The soft and cool material of this blouse making it very comfortable to be wore in a weather like in Malaysia. Choose the soft yet high quality material of the blouse if you want to use your blouse as an outerwear. 

  • Wear a lighter color of the stripes as your inner. For example, as you could see, I chose white color over black as my inner cloth so that it will accentuate your overall look. Don't choose black as it will overshadow your entire look.
  • Tuck in the inner cloth so that it'll give a natty yet clean style

Like i said earlier, choose a lighter color to accentuate your overall look. Choose a lighter color of handbag to give a contrast to your look.

For a sassy look, give yourself a pair of black heels or any black sandals/flats you're comfortable with,


For a formal look, make sure to find a blouse that is not too fit and not loose because you wanna look neat. 

  • Always wear a black pump heels for this style as it will give an overall formal look.

What to pair with?


This is my favorite style. Looking vogue is an ultimate goal if you're attending formal event like to work, interview and etc. I tucked in this blouse but not too fit because that will makes you feel uncomfortable. Tuck in your blouse and adjust it so that it will make your front comfortable. You surely don't want to be called 'moving corset' right :p

As you could see, i paired this look with a black clutch because it is a formal event. Better to use clutch rather than a handbag from my opinion.


This is my go-to style whenever I wanted to look casual and vague. Unbutton your front buttons will definitely change your look from formal to casual. 


  • I always unbutton until not more than my belly height. Leave some area buttoned before you tuck in your blouse.
What to pair with?
Choose a white handbag with handle and black heels to complete your casual look.


Similar with the previous style, but this one give you an extra daring look because of the knot. Tie your knot until your waist level and you're ready to go, Make sure to wear a fit pants to give a neat look. 


This is a total lazy style but with extra effort. Wear your inner cloth and let your blouse out. Only button half of your blouse and let the upper area left unbuttoned.  This is a go-to style for attending a relaxing event but it still a pretty style :)

SO that's all my sharing for today. I hope you enjoyed. If you want to shop for more options, you can check it out from Zalora by clicking the image below. Till next time :)

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