Review : Pantene Shampoo Hair Fall Control + 3 MInute Miracle Conditioner

Hello everyone. Welcome back to my page. For today, I'll be reviewing about my  hair care products. I rarely concern much about my hair care products since I don't really have hair problem. The only problem I've been dealing is a HAIR FALL! I always get annoyed back then every time I sweep the floor, I could see my hair here, there and EVERYWHERE! It just too annoying. 

Early of 2016, my problem solved! I've been using Pantene Shampoo since early of January until now and I am very satisfied. I could see less and lesser my hair falls day by day. It's like doing a treatment as I could major changes on my hair condition everyday.

I shampoo my hair once every two days. It is not a good idea to add chemicals on your hair sculpt everyday. Just look at the whitish structure of the shampoo. As gentle as the structure, that's how the shampoo would react, It is gentle and won't have abrasive affect on your hair. 

I am a must-put-on-conditioner person. If I skip conditioner, then my hair would be crazily dry.I find my hair is super flowy, soft and light upon using this conditioner!

It is a true miracle. After 3 minutes of using it, my hair would be super soft and its fast-absorbing property of this conditioner really makes me happy. 

SOO what are you waiting for? Make sure to grab these two in combo because you really need to use these together for a maximum effect.

Overall rating for both products : 4/5
Repurchase : YESSSS
That's all for today,ya later!

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