Riang Ria Raya with Lazada Malaysia

To open a YouTube is a must for me everyday, It's a source of entertainment , education and lifestyle inspiration there. So I'll stream for videos everyday at Youtube. 





If you noticed lately wherever you're on any web pages, you'll notice a beautiful purple like this ;

You can't help but seeing the beautiful banner makes you captivate to join the extravagant MEGA sales. 

Apart from the tantalizing sales, Lazada also organized a contest with the blogger. The task is to share our wishlist with a budget of RM500 for our 4-pax family, 

But before that, let me introduce you with my family 

And what are on our mind with the budget of RM500 to shop with Lazada Riang Ria Raya Sales?

First , for our big boss in the house : PAPA

Since Papa has a lot of shoes, I would think to get him a portable shoe rack. With Riang Ria Raya Sales with Lazada, this shoe rack goes from RM169 yo Rm37.80 !!!!! Which furniture store would give you such a big discount? 

It is important for Papa to always keep up with his health condition as well. So I was thinking to give him a electronic blood pressure monitor. Not only it is easy to be carried on anywhere, but this electronic device will ease papa as well as he doesn't need to meet doctor just to test for his pressure. Everything is available at home.

Next, for my queen of heart ; MAMA

Mama works as a teacher. Most of her movement required the strength of her feet to move from one class to another. Thus, she developed calluses , hard skin on her foot. When i read reviews, many people gave a good reviews about this product. I would gladly become mama's personal spa assistant to buff all the hard skin away so that her foot will stay smooth and clean.

If you have a look at any drugstores or pharmacies, the price of this product would be RM100++  but at Lazada, you'll save up to 20%.

Since Raya is approaching soon, mama surely will cook rendang for us. To cook this delicious Malay dish, you gotta need a spacious wok for more than 10 servings. Hence, Tefal Special Wok with Glass Lid would be the best wishlist for my mama during Hari Raya.

Next is for my one and only BROTHER

He has one hobby which is quite rare for a guy hahaha. He likes baking. Yup no jokes. He likes baking cakes, cookies and for this upcoming raya, he did promised us to make Raya cookies. So why not I'll have him a portable baking hand mixer with detachable stainless steel bowl. 2 items for 1 price. HOW COOL IS THAT?! You'll save 69% and it's only less than RM50.

Since my brother already owned a car and he is such a messy guy. It's my pleasure to give him a car vacuum. Best to carry, best to vacuum and most importantly , best price. 

Last but not least, for the writer. ME

I'm still new in learning makeup and when I knew that Lazada offered Surprise Box that consists of many well-known brands such as Maybelline and Loreal . I though of why not of having it as my wishlist as this is my first ever makeup set and I would be the happiest person if i own this set.

It consists of every makeup tools that everyone should have with a super duper low price!!

SEE! With a bidget of RM500, I could satisfy all my family members with their needs. It's like with Rm500 and the sales by Lazada, I could fill my entire house with the necessary needs. 

With discounts up to 92%, Lazada is the online platform to shop this Raya. Where else you could get this majestic offers and deals? Only at Lazada.

What are you waiting for? Save your penny and click on the banner below to join the world of sales and together we celebrate this Raya joyously !

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