When i met online store

Hey hey there!! I'm sure many of you guys knew that i'm an online shopper.Yes Kaki shopping and i always get confused about anything that i want and i REALLY need.

Everytime buka online shop je,ada je benda nak beli even though tak perlu. but this is what we called womens' lust.Pantang tengok benda cantik terus nak grab.What a mess! And Diya pula jenis yang pentingkan kualiti and trustworthy.

So,setanding dengan quality, means that price also goes together right?  Yup absolutely all items that i bought (especially skincare and beauty care) quite pricey and dear.Hmmm.

But it's for seek of beauty,i'll do everything as long as i afford. Insyaallah.

Ok that's all for tonight.I started to merepek again and again with this entry.Till meet again =) What a bored night :P

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