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Hey hey there!! I knew some of you may have heard these two young beautician, Syafiqah dan Liyana. Auhh they're so beautiful and wonderful. And they have 1000 of beauty and makeup knowledge that could be shared with all ladies who know nothing deeply bout makeup like us.Oh no like me actually.LOL.

Makeup and Me

Well I started to wear makeup when i was 8.Yeahh such a young age.It was because i was so addicted playing online makeup game and i felt that i also wanna be like the doll in the game.So i started to 'play' with makeup in reality.But at that time,i was just conteng and conteng my face till i felt 'beautiful' (i was like a clown actually but that was gorgeous for me :p ) . I used my aunt's makeup set coz she had a very numerous cosmetics set but she never used it! 

Until now, i'm very passionate about cosmetics  but i'm more keen about fashion instead of makeup since my family interest are more into fashion scope.So i used to get along with them. From that, i started to watch various TV shows that about fashion-based concept like Project Runway,Supermodelme Femme Fatal,America's Next Top Model and Project Accessories. But i still love makeup.Just a simple and basic makeup coz i don't really know well about them.

That easy?? Ahh you can imagine how plain i was :P

Kalau masa kecil-kecil dulu, i used to play online makeover game from didigames, games2girls ,etc.
But now, android fever had attacked me and i've upgraded my level from online-childish games to android makeup apps,like Perfect365 and Taaz.Well zaman dah berubah kan.=)

And i would like to give applause,applause,applause (Lady gaga's version :p) to these two beautiful siblings  and also who had supported them for your generosity to conduct this amazing giveaway.

Well i had learnt so many things from these two talented girls. Makeup tips, fashion and so on.I can't afford to do it all myself.And the most thing that makes me adored Syafiqah and Liyana was their concrete love bond between siblings. My sister and i was like anjing and kucing and we love to pick fight.lol.That was totally different from them.

Syafiqah and Liyana are so beautiful siblings and they look like a pair twin ! Yeahh seriously both of you are look alike and they were like Oslen twin, Mary Kate and Ashley.

1) Loreal Perfect Clean with Scrublet
2) Ola bath set
3) Hello Kitty Fake Lashes container
4) Maybelline NY Mascara
5) Naruko night gel
6) Maybelline NY Shine- free Cake Powder
7) Elianto Shimmer
8) Baviphat Mask
9) Hairclip
10) Disney Princess Sticker

Ohh ya i actually just google these picture and the actual one were in the picture above.


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